Listen to all of the Jeffersonville Municipal Candidates answer questions at the League of Women Voters Forum. This video originally appeared as a Facebook Live video and the quality may reflect that.  

Campaign financial reports

Currently, we only have access to Pre-Primary financial disclosures due to the nature of the State of Indiana's filing requirements. During an election year, candidates in Indiana are required to file campaign financial disclosures twice. Once before the Primary Election and once before the General Election. This year, the Pre-Primary deadline was April 12th. The Pre-General period will end on October 11th and we will update this site with the new financial reports.

Clark County Candidates

Clark County Townships Map



City Clerk:

  • Lisa Gill (R) 
  • Jeff Frey (D) - Facebook

City Council At-Large:

City Council District 1:

  • Dustin White (D) - Facebook
  • Mary Jo Carrico (I) - Facebook
  • No Republican Filed

City Council District 2:

City Council District 3:

  • Joe Paris (R)
  • Audrey Baines (D) - Facebook

City Council District 4:

  • Scottie Maples (R) - Facebook
  • No Democrat Filed

City Council District 5:

  • Steve Gill (R) - Facebook
  • Donnie Croft (D) 

City Council District 6:

  • Steve Webb (R) 
  • No Democrat Filed



City Clerk-Treasurer:

  • Donna Coomer (R) - Facebook
  • Tina Barnes (D) 

City Council At-Large:

  • J.T. Cox (R) 
  • No Democrat Filed

City Council District 1: 

  • Bo Bertram (R)
  • Steve Coyne Sr. (D)

City Council District 2:

  • Ruthie Jackson (R)
  • Angela Cornett (D)

City Council District 3:

  • B.J. Stelle (R) - Facebook
  • No Democrat Filed

City Council District 4:

  • Brian Hester (R)
  • Susan Bottorff (D)


Town Clerk-Treasurer:

  • Lauren Parry (R) - Facebook
  • Bob Leuthart (D)

Town Judge:

Town Council At-Large: 

  • Connie Ison (R)
  • Jennifer Voignier (R) - Facebook
  • Karen Henderson (D)
  • David (Yogi) Paris (D)

Town Council District 1:

Town Council District 2:

Town Council District 3: 

Town Council District 4:

Town Council District 5:

Official Indiana Campaign Documents

2019 Campaign Finance Manual (pdf)


2019 Indiana Campaign Calendar (pdf)